U-Trak Presents Its Most Current Physical Fitness Tracker - Flash: 3d Pedometer And Multifunction Clock Combination

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U-trak happily introduced its new health and fitness tracker. The 3D pedometer is a professional and beneficial tool for sport as well as health and fitness fanatics' day-to-day tasks. The step tracker is a straightforward, smart as well as radiation-free pedometer, designed for everyday runners as well as walkers that do not wish to be decreased by the complex setting procedure. The pedometer is incorporated with an alarm to design a multifunction item with fascinating features like step checking, workout data administration as well as alarm clock as well as many more. To obtain this physical fitness tracker, see below, https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flash-3d-pedometer-and-multifunction-clock-combo-sports


It functions merely; it counts steps. It will assist individuals put aside any kind of disturbance to enjoy their day-to-day exercise totally. The Flash 3D pedometer is like an unseen sporting activity partner, people nearly cannot feel it's there, as well as it's suitable for any type of outdoor sporting activities, including running, strolling or perhaps hiking.

Flash is various from another fitness trackers; it has a Very clear, detailed as well as easy-to-read transparent LCD Display. This radiation free 3D pedometer hides lots of interesting attributes. It utilizes premium 3D sensors as well as accuracy micro-processing chips for exceptionally exact results. This 3D pedometer makes use of a low-power chip and also switch battery that could be utilized for 12 to 18 months, no need to charge it. The battery is really easy to get and also simple to replace.


Flash is easy to use since there is no demand for any mobile application, web or Bluetooth connection to be able to watch workout data, to use this step tracker what individuals have to do is put the pedometer over the surface area of the designated location, and data will seamlessly transfer to the reader. It's a technology that streamlines the data transmission innovation.

Special Features As Well As Significance Of Flash

• Uses a lightning pairing technology
• Conserves individuals from the battle of complex tools and mobile apps
• Alarm system with snooze function
• Alarm and Schedule
• Set day-to-day actions target with progression bar indication
• Shops approximately Thirty Day of pedometer memory
• The pedometer data is saved right into the clock memory, no data loss when the clock is out of battery

To find out more, Click here hherehttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flash-3d-pedometer-and-multifunction-clock-combo-sports
04.07.2018 08:53:46

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